OU Photobooth

App with Open University themed emoticon stickers for OU students

The OU Photobooth app is a themed emoticon sticker app for students from The Open University. Students can use the app to take photos and touch them up with a range of OU study-related emoticon stickers, ranging from happy, to sad; from incessant snacking to cleaning your desk; from midnight assignments to graduation success. There’s a feeling for every moment of being an OU student.

OU students form very deep connections with each other on social media – they use it for support, to celebrate their successes, and to vent their frustrations. The OU Photobooth app team have seen students on social media joking that they would love an OU emoji to express a specific emotion. Hopefully they’ll enjoy using these light-hearted stickers to share their stories.

How it works

The app is available as a free download from the App Store for iOS devices, and Google Play Store for Android devices.

  • Take a photo while in the app, or access one from your gallery.
  • Add a sticker and/or some text. The app works by taking a ‘screengrab’ of the canvas. When making your stickers and text boxes larger or smaller, ensure the ‘X’ and the ‘tick’ are within the boundaries of the canvas before letting go. The sticker will snap back to the centre if it gets too big.
  • Share your visual story with other students on social media, chat channels or by email.

Download the app

For iOS devices, follow this link (App Store).

For Android devices, follow this link (Google Play).

Help and support

For help with the app contact lti-tel-innovations@open.ac.uk

Privacy statement

The OU Photobooth app requires access to your device’s camera and photo galleries or albums, in order for you to take, store and share edited images to social media channels. No personal data of any kind is used, recorded or transmitted by this application.